What Sets Us Apart

Meet Ginny Jo!! Our Therapy Certified Labrador/German Shorthair mix

Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and affection (and detect when people need it). Our therapy dog will place her head on a patient's lap, sit calmly next you and wag her tail, or offer her soft fur to calm a patient's nerves and remind him or her everything will be okay.

Dr. Josephine Van Ess raised Ginny since she was 8wks old. During dental school, Dr. Van Ess read articles and stories on the ADA (American Dental Association) about having a therapy dog in the dental office and with Ginny’s mellow personality and good natured qualities decided to pursue the certifications necessary for Ginny and she to become the certified Therapy Dog team they are today! Ginny Jo is a novelty in Green Bay; she is one of the first therapy dogs in the area to be of assistance in the dental office.

Ginny Jo is free to roam about the building looking for patients who can use some affection or want it. She loves to stop into the rooms to say a quick hello to patients while they are getting their teeth cleaned or work complete. Having a therapy pet in the office provides a welcome distraction for the patient to help reduce fear and anxiety and also offers a variety of fun to our dental practice. Ginny Jo really likes to sleep, loves getting her neck and ears rubbed, and has never minded children playing on or around her!!

At Oak Grove Dentistry we also respect that not everyone, including our patients, want a dog around them. We are happy to respect all wishes to make your dental visit comfortable, and with a call ahead to our front desk we will make sure to keep Ginny Jo out of patient and treatment areas for your visit to our office if that is you or your family’s preference.

We look forward to having you meet Ginny Jo in our practice!! Her love of people and companionship bring smiles to everyone in our hallways!

Healthy Smiles for Your Family!

You have one chance to make a first impression. A healthy and radiant smile ensures your confidence shines forth!

At Oak Grove Dentistry, we’re serious about oral health; we’re just as serious about providing a welcoming, friendly environment that’s filled with laughter and conversation. Dr. Nicholas Van Ess, Dr. Josephine Van Ess and our experienced, caring team would love to help you develop a lifetime of beautifully healthy smiles.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide a range of leading-edge dentistry, through the use of advanced technology and techniques, combined with the essential human connection. You’ll never feel like a number on a chart — we promise! Instead, we’ll greet you by name, remember what’s happening in your life, and look forward to hearing what’s happened since your last visit.
  • For us, dentistry is about connecting with people, and creating bonds that go beyond provider and patient. We’ll always care for you as we would a family member: with compassion and empathy.
  • We’re truly family-friendly and love caring for people of all ages. Nothing makes us happier than when a person brings family members to us. Whether we’re creating a fun environment for a toddler at their first visit, providing a cleaning and checkup for a teen, or restoring an adult’s smile, we’re always attentive to the person’s needs.

We’re Your Partners

You are unique, with your own clinical and personal concerns, and we respect that. We’ll work with you to find the right treatment approach instead of adopting a cookie-cutter approach.

At your complimentary consultation, we’ll spend a lot of time talking with you, learning about your dental goals and concerns, and asking about your hobbies and life.

Then, following your initial exam, Dr. Nicholas Van Ess, Dr. Josephine Van Ess will create your individual treatment plan. She incorporates her clinical findings with what you’ve shared about your desires, to find the best way to meet all your needs.

Before starting any care, we’ll walk you through the proposed plan. We’ll explain what’s involved, what to expect, and all the treatment options. In addition, we’ll talk about financials, insurance, and the timeline.

You deserve to have all the information necessary to make educated decisions about dental care; this is your smile, after all!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

We’re a dental practice unlike the rest. Here, we make you our top priority! Contact our Green Bay, WI office to learn more and schedule a consultation. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re on your way to a beautifully confident smile!